Technician services you might not know about…


Slack is a group messaging service, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Like other group chat apps, anyone in the group can post and everyone else in the group can see it. We’ve been using it to get in touch with one another, but would like to open it up more to students so that you can get in touch with us. We all have the app on our phones, so we’ll get a notification when anyone posts in the channel. We’ve also set up private groups for certain groups of people, such as Master’s and PhD students, as well as a specialised channel just for advertising and signing up to studies.

Slack also has a bunch of cool features that we’re making use of. For example, one channel (#job_opportunities) is linked to various jobsites and will automatically post jobs when they’re put up. You can also use Slack to see which technicians are in on any given day, and when in the day we’re busy.

To join, just sign up using your student (or staff) email at, or click the button on our blog ( to be emailed an invitation. Once you’re signed up you can access Slack through your web browser, you can download the software on your computer or you can use it through the mobile app.

Psych Tech blog

We have a blog that we update with useful information, like what equipment we’ve got and what new services we’re providing. The blog serves as a landing point to get to all our other services – On there is a link to our twitter, Slack channel and equipment database, so if you ever need anything but are unsure where to find it, is the place to look.

The blog is also where we upload out video tutorials. Currently Heather has uploaded guides to using Qualtrics and SONA, and Todd is working on Matlab tutorials which will be up soon, so watch this space!

Equipment Database

Nestled within the Psychtech blog ( is the online equipment database. If you want to borrow any of the equipment we have, it’ll be on here, along with information as to its availability. Equipment is sorted into 7 categories:

  • Tests: Paper copies of psychometric measures such as the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.
  • Audio: Anything related to sound, like speakers or microphones.
  • Video: Anything related to video, like cameras and screens.
  • Electrical: Electrical equipment, like extension cables and converters.
  • Teaching: Equipment for teaching.
  • Computer: Laptops, iPads and now a Google Nexus phone.
  • Misc: Everything else.

Ferenc is currently working on a search function, to save you having to CTRL+F every time!