Join The Forensic Psychology Society

Emma Kilner

Psychology has quickly arisen as a popular topic of conversation within society; particularly with regards to the psychological aspect of criminal investigation and the perpetrators of crimes. Forensic Psychology encapsulates all these public fascinations with crime and criminals into a subset of study. The interest in how criminals think and develop within the structure of society elicit an emotional and intellectual interest in many. Why do they do what they do? How can they commit the acts that they do? Where is their morality? Their humanity? The Forensic Psychology society continues the discussion into this complex and controversial area outside the academic setting, and relinquishes the power of the conversation to a likeminded group of individuals interested in its entirety.

Documentaries, discussions, and social events allow the Forensic Psychology society to form a basis of commonality among its members, and allow all involved a platform to put forward ideas and thoughts relating to the topic without fear of ridicule or judgement. Topics covered range from sex crimes to cannibalism, murder to paraphilias, abductions to conspiracies. With such a varied and complex arrangement of conflicting arguments it is vital that all opinions are heard and discussed, presenting new ideas and possible clarity among the confusion of debated academics and sensationalised media representations of the inner workings of the criminal mind. Although considered an academic society, with its core foundations in scientific research and debate, the Forensic Psychology society is a relaxed, welcoming environment for anyone interested in the things that go bump in the night. Whether you choose to study the topic at degree level, have an interest in documentaries or crime shows (real or otherwise), or just want to talk about murder in an environment where it isn’t unusual; the Forensic Psychology society is the place for you.


To join the Forensic Psychology Society, visit the Lincoln SU website here.