Meet and Greet 2017

Nial Francis

When the summer holiday ends and the new term starts, we students have a lot on our plate. Going from the lazy days and thrilling adventures of the break to the constant pressure of staying on top of work, going to lectures, and getting involved wherever possible is a huge adjustment. With all this change going on, we could use an event to relax, socialise, and even make a few new friends. The Psychology Meet and Greet provided the perfect opportunity for this.

The event was held in the Engine Shed, and at only £1 per ticket, it’s safe to say we got our money’s worth. The Meet and Greet gave students an excellent chance to socialise with their peers and meet some of the key players from the School of Psychology. The staff were well represented; many of our academics and technicians were in attendance, as was the SU’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, Tommy George, a recent graduate of the course. Many of the second and third year Course Reps also made an appearance, giving students a great opportunity to get to know who will be representing them in the coming year. The price of admission also covered food and drink – an offer no student could refuse.

For me, the real highlight of the event was seeing the turnout. As School Rep, one of my main goals for the year is to improve the sense of community, so to have over 200 students across all 3 year groups in attendance was truly heart-warming. It made me especially hopeful that if similar events were to be organised later in the academic year, they would be similarly successful. So, remember to keep your eyes open for future events and ways to get involved!