Meet the Newest Member of Our Team

Meet the newest member of our team, third-year Katie Booth, who will be serving as our Copy Editor.

As a new member of the DigiPsych team I thought I’d introduce myself and give a brief explanation of my role as Copy Editor of the blog.

My name’s Katie Booth, and I’m a third year student at the University of Lincoln on the Psychology with Forensic Psychology course. As Copy Editor my role primarily involves reading over the articles that are going to be published on the DigiPsych blog and checking for any grammar mistakes. I will also be doing my best to ensure that each article is clearly written and interesting to read, implementing any necessary adjustments without altering the overall content of the articles.

I decided to apply for the DigiPsych role a few months ago for several reasons. I read a lot of blog content and articles so I felt confident enough in being able to take on the role, especially as my time as a psychology student has done a thorough job in making me aware of any grammar mistakes and unclear writing in my own work. I also enjoy writing, although I tend to stay on the fiction side for the most part if the essays I complete for my course are excluded. Finally, I thought the role would be an interesting way to spend my last year at university – and also a great addition to my CV as well.