Recent Staff Publications in the School of Psychology

Two members of our staff in the School of Psychology have recently had articles accepted for publication. Lecturer Julie van der Vyver, whose research specialism includes group dynamics and prosociality, led a study analysing voting decisions in the EU referendum. The research, featured in the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, used questionnaire scales to measure a number of person and social factors, finding that worldview, conservatism, social identity, and perceived intergroup threat were consistent predictors of voting intentions.

Senior lecturer Ross Bartels, whose research focuses on deviant sexual interests and fantasies, has had an article published in the Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. The study investigated the effect of eye-movements on sexual fantasies. It was found that bilateral eye-movements were effective at impairing the vividness, emotionality, and arousability of sexual fantasies. These findings have implications for the treatment of negative or problematic sexual fantasies.